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Mitoyo is located in the heart of the Seto Inland Sea, which is often called the most beautiful sea in the world.
The Shonai Peninsula of Mitoyo has an interesting shape and juts out into the sea, making it perfect for cycling and marine leisure activities.

Marine Leisure

Adventure on the Seto Inland Sea

Free Cloud

Free Cloud offers sea kayaking and SUP (Stand Up Paddleboarding) packages, ranging from 1/2 day to full day and sunset courses.
Reservations must be made at least 2 days in advance.
303 Ie-no-ura, Nio-cho, Mitoyo, Kagawa

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Bicycle Rentals

Mitoyo is blessed with lush nature, making it a great place for cycling.
Rental cycles are equiped with electronic assist units that make any hill easy to conquer. The Shonai Peninsula loop and Mt. Shiude courses below are highly recommended.

Shonai Peninsula Loop Course

Mt. Shiude Course

Rent a bicycle at Marine Wave from the Mitoyo Tourism Association!

All 8-speed rental cycles come equipped with electronic assistance units.
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  • Namari

  • Mt. Shiude

  • Kamo-no-Koshi

  • Take a mid-ride break
    and gaze at the ocean from
    Café de flots

  • Once you see this view,
    you're almost finished!

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Mitoyo Tourism Association Rental Bicycle Information

All 8-speed rental cycles come equipped with electronic assistance units, making hills easy to climb!

  • ●Cost:4 hours - ¥1000; 1 day - ¥1500
  • ●Hours of Operation: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
  • ●Closed Tuesdays
     (subject to change during National Holidays)
  • ●Must be at least 148cm
     and of junior high school age or older
  • ●Info: Mitoyo Tourism Association
        (inside Marine Wave)
    ※ID required
  • ●6 cycles available

Udon Making

Try Making Real Sanuki Udon with
Friendly Local Experts
  • ・Cost: ¥3500 per person (including event insurance)
  • ・Available Monday, Friday, or Saturday
  • ・Hours of Operation: 10:30 am - 1:00 pm
  • ・Place: Marine Wave (subject to change)
  • ・Minimum 8 people required

Reservations are required in advance. Please use the form below to apply.

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Nio Dragon Festival

Carry the Giant Dragon
The Nio Dragon Festival is the most respresentative festival in Mitoyo.
The Nio Dragon Festival is a traditional event held every year on the first Saturday in August. In the past, Nio has experienced various periods of drought.
This festival began 200 years ago when local people held a dragon parade to pray for rain.

The giant dragon is 35m in length and weighs over 3 tons.
Every year, about 150 people carry it.
As the dragon goes through the town, people throw water at it and the people carrying it as a way to pray for rain.
It's the perfect festival for a hot summer night.

34-2 Nio-shin, Nio-cho, Mitoyo, Kagawa
(Closest bus stop: Nio Branch Office)
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Mt. Shiude

The summit of Mt. Shiude offers breathtaking views of the Seto Inland Sea.
The springtime cherry blossoms and hydrangeas in the fall add a relaxing touch to the stunning scenery.

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Chichibuga Beach

A long beach with white sands spanning over 1km of shore.

203-3 Nio-otsu, Nio-cho, Mitoyo, Kagawa
(Closest bus stop: Chichibuga Hama)
(Map (Google Maps))

Awashima Island

Accessible by a 15 minute ferry ride from Suda Port,
Awashima is an island famous for impressive works
of art and dazzling sea fireflies.

Sea Fireflies and Their Fantastic Seaside World

Sea fireflies are tiny nocturnal beings that have the ability to glow. The sea fireflies are a famous part of Awashima summers. Between June and September when ocean temperatures rise, they are the most active. There are so many of them that the sea looks like the starry night sky.

Sea firefly tours are included with stays at Le Port Awashima

Click here for more information about Le Port Awashima

Missing Post Office

This isn't a real post office, but rather an art project that collects letters with no final address.
(Photo by @YOSHINOBU MOTODA) Artist: Saya Kubota

1317-2 Awashima, Takuma-cho, Mitoyo, Kagawa

Buoy Buoy Garden

There are many little statues of people and animals peeking their faces through the flowers in these gardens. The statues were made by Awashima residents using recycled fishing buoys.

Kamishinden, Awashima, Takuma-cho, Mitoyo, Kagawa


This is the highest mountain on Awashima with an elevation of 222 m.
From the summit there is a panoramic view of the Seto Inland Sea. It takes about 1 hour to climb.

Island Bicycle Rentals

On Awashima, there are rental cycles available for the low price of ¥500 per day. The rental system is self-service, so rent and return as you please. There is no staff to pay, so just deposit the money into Ms. Shimako Okuchi's mouth!

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Shishijima Island

Watched Over by Okusu

Okusu: the 1200 Year Old Symbol of Shishijima

This giant camphor tree is 14m around and 40m tall. It has been designated by the prefecture as a natural monument.

Burial Graves

The goats on Shishijima are local celebrities!
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Udon Restaurants

Watanabe Handmade Udon

The unforgettable Tempura Udon at Watanabe features an enormous, crunchy piece of tempura.

2552 Shimokatsuma, Takase-cho, Mitoyo, Kagawa
(Closest bus stop: Mitoyo City Office)

Kokoro Udon

This self-serve udon restaurant is a local favorite.

2102-16 Takuma, Takuma-cho, Mitoyo, Kagawa
(Closest bus stop: Jinde)

Seto Udon

This restaurant is run by women only, and is located in front of JR Takuma Station.

1661 Matsuzaki, Takuma-cho, Mitoyo, Kagawa

Ono Handmade Udon

This udon restaurant has been running since it opened in 1910.

1953-1 Kamitakase, Takase-cho, Mitoyo, Kagawa
(Closest bus stop: Mitoyo City Office)

Cafes and Italian Restaurants

Himuro Shaved Ice Café

This café features fluffy shaved ice topped with decidant sauces made using fruits locally grown in Mitoyo. It also has beautiful views of the ocean.

202 Nio-otsu Nio-cho, Mitoyo, Kagawa
(Closest bus stop: Chichibuga Hama)

Café de flots

The perfect café for relaxing while taking in beautiful ocean views.

165-1 Nio-otsu, Nio-cho, Mitoyo, Kagawa
(Closest bus stop: Tenno)

Sun Resort Nio

This restaurant uses many local ingredients and has delicious brick oven pizza.

331 Ie-no-ura, Nio-cho, Mitoyo, Kagawa
(Closest bus stop: Ie-no-Ura)

Al Dente Pasta House

This Italian restaurant has been loved by local people for many years.

732 Shinmyo, Takase-cho, Mitoyo, Kagawa

Japanese Restaurants

Yamaoka Tonkatsu

This fried pork cutlet restaurant is well-loved by locals.

614-18 Takuma, Takuma-cho, Mitoyo, Kagawa
(Closest bus stop: JA Takuma Branch)

Shunsai Hyakka

This Japanese restaurant serves lunch, sushi, and rice dishes featuring many ingredients from the Seto Inland Sea. The restaurant itself is a refurbished home that was built over 100 years ago. It is about a 2 minute walk from JR Takuma Station.

1673 Matsuzaki, Takuma-cho, Mitoyo, Kagawa


Komae Takoban

Takoban is a snack similar to takoyaki octopus balls, but is much larger. It is said that Komae was the first place to begin making takoban.

33-9 Nio-shin, Nio-cho, Mitoyo, Kagawa
(Closest bus stop: Nio Branch Office)

Shimizu Confectionary

The inside of Shimizu always smells delicious as the sweet scent of freshly baked cakes fills the air. They have many different types of baked goods, ranging from pound cake, to cookies, to Japanese sweets.

652-1 Shinmyo, Takase-cho, Mitoyo, Kagawa
(Closest station: JR Takase Station)


Day After Tomorrow Bag

This eco bag is available only in Mitoyo and was designed by modern artist Katsuhiko Hibino.

Where to Buy

Olive Oil

Mitoyo has some of the longest daylight hours of anywhere in Japan, and is sometimes called The Sunshine Town. The olives used in Akatsuki Extra Virgin Olive Oil are grown and hand picked right here in sunny Mitoyo. The fruity notes in this oil make it popular among women.

Where to Buy

Miyake Seika Jam

These handmade jams are free of preservatives and are made from fresh fruits and vegetables locally grown in Mitoyo.

Where to Buy

Takase Tea

This uniquely fragrant tea is the perfect balance of sweet and bitter.

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This cliffside cottage features a 180° ocean view, and is perfect for anyone from families to couples.

2144-4 Ohama-ko, Takuma-cho, Mitoyo, Kagawa
(Closest bus station: Kohama)

Visit their site here

Le-Port Awashima

This resort-like hotel features a main hotel building as well as log cabins. This hotel is perfect for any visitors including families and couples.

1418-2 Awashima, Takuma-cho, Mitoyo, Kagawa
(Closest bus stop: Suda)

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Fureai Park Mino Rest Area
Iyadani Natural Hot Springs Daishi-no-Yu

This hotel features a natural hot spring, sauna, and warm water pool. The hotel rooms are Japanese style with private toilets, and guests are free to use the main hot spring bath on the 1st floor. Guests who book in advance can make arrangements for transportation to and from JR Takuma Station.

74 Omi-otsu, Mino-cho, Mitoyo, Kagawa
(Closest bus stop: Furai Park Mino)

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Satonoyado Suyama (Café ANN)

This quiet Japanese style inn feels like a guest house.

1355-1 Takuma, Takuma-cho, Mitoyo, Kagawa
(Closest bus stop: Takuma Branch Office)

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